Featuring a unique and proprietary non-progressive attachment system, WPS can integrate solid phenolic, high pressure laminates, glass, porcelain, metal, acoustic, and radius panels into one substructure.

The most popular of our systems thus far has been our Shadowline system. Designers prefer this system due to its subtle and upscale look. Featuring the smallest aluminum reveal we offer (3/16″), the narrow edges and joints leave a slight shadow between the panel and the extrusion. The Shadowline System also features four outside corner options, including a square profile and a radius profile. WPS has recently added a square stainless steel corner piece as an option for high-traffic areas. 

The Universal Architectural system was designed with the end-user in mind. This system allows panels to be removed and replaced with ease. By simply installing all of the aluminum trim, an installer can complete all the prep-work before the panels arrive. This system is designed to allow each panel to be securely hung in place without relying on its neighbors. 


Replacing the typical Z-clip application, the Recessed Reveal system is a unique system that uses dense phenolic panels instead of aluminum extrusions. Any dense material can be used accommodating panel thicknesses of 5/16″ up to or exceeding 3/4″. This system offers the most design flexibility and can accommodate reveals of 1/16″ up to 1 or 2 inches. The reveal material can be black, or it can be the same color as the panel to give a more polished appearance. Choose any two-color combination to create an attractive accent wall.

The Open Reveal System (ORS) is unique due to its 3/8″ channel that runs through all the edges and reveals. Designers looking for a functional reveal that stands out prefer this system. The channels contain “teeth” that not only provide elegant detailing, but also give the extrusion the ability to grab on to hooks or clips placed in the channel, allowing artwork, photography, or presentations to hang and be easily removed without damaging the wall panels. The ORS offers three outside corners and can also utilize stainless steel corners or any of the outside corners

The Captured System features a 7/16″ insert piece that hides the edges of the panels. This system is beneficial for high-traffic areas and prevents potential damage to panel edges. The 7/16″ insert piece is currently the widest metal reveal available and, although it is not a flush-mounted system, the insert piece does not unduly extrude past the face of the panel. The Captured system also features a radius and square edge that are ideal for wainscot walls.

For applications that demand high standards of cleanliness, the Clean Room system is appropriate. This system seals each reveal with a rubber gasket, prohibiting dust or particulate to enter the paneling system. Several gasket color choices are available.    


The Light Panel system is structured with LED panels in large size decorative acrylic, glass, or graphic panels. Thickness of panels available to use with the system ranges from ¼” –½”. The light panel option is available in 12V-24V with multiple LED color options to choose from.

LPS system allows 1/4″ thick panels to be securely hung without extensive use of adhesives. Saving valuable space, it protrudes only 1/2″ of the wall. Overall, this design can be ideal to use for health care facilities, educational buildings, transportation facilities, building corridors, and lobbies.




The Partition Wall system design suits office spaces, schools, transportation centers, healthcare centers and more. The system has parts from 2” deep to maximize spacing between rooms. Panel options with this system ranges from double sided wood veneer, plastic laminate, decorative graphic panels, and acoustical panels. It works well around door areas and can add a special look to its final design. Available to use with any color needed for the rubber gasket.

The Wainscot system was developed to offer exceptional design for corridors, lobbies, as well as other building types. Specially designed and engineered for easy installation and replacement. The system can withhold panel thicknesses of 5/16″ & 3/8″ phenolic, laminated glass panels, or porcelain. Additionally, 3/4″ wood veneer and plastic laminate can also be used as an option. Installation does not require any adhesives.

The LED Light Reveal system is a newly added system option to use LED light strips within the joints and edges. The system was designed for use with glass, phenolic and wood panels within a 5/16”- 3/4” thickness. There are multiple variations available to use with the LED light such as colors, dimmer switches, and 12V or 24V. 


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